22 Feb 2020

Start beta testing on crowd testing platform QAProvider.

3 Feb 2020

Add Accept-Language support. Now you can see your pages with different accept-language settings.

12 Jan 2020

Comparing screenshots feature redesigned. Now it is developed on C++ that means it works faster. Also now it does smart comparison from top and bottom in situation when screenshots have different heights. We may have this situation when for example font-size have been changed or some blocks have been add on the page and the page height has been changed as a result of these modifications. However bottom part of the page (like footer or bottom menu) still remains in the same size and comparison pixel by pixel shows wrong difference. Check out diff example (one block moved to the right a little bit and you can see these changes) and smart diff example (font-size was changed).

Here are new results (1 minute and 23 seconds saved for 150 session):

9 Jan 2020

First release!

First usage in real project. It looks awesome!