How to use Eye QAProvider?

First, create a new project

Add URLs into your project

Setup project settings

Notifications - leave it ON if you want to receive emails with results

Minimum diff alert - set how many changed pixels mean failed results

View ports - set view ports that you want to check

Continuous integration URL - use these URLs if you want to run your project from CI

Run your project

You can select what URLs and what view ports to test

Wait for a first results

Now you have saved screenshots that will be used as model in next run.

Get the difference

Do some changes and run again. Wait for results and verify that everything is OK.

Failed results

In case of some changes you will see failed results

Check the diff

Click the button Show diff result below results images. Inside button you could see the number of changed pixels (239979 pixels from the image above).

Work with results

If you see expected changes in diff than you have to replace the model (click Replace model button). Next click Rerun button on results page and wait for success result.

If you see no planned changes fix the code and click Rerun button after fix again and wait for success results.

Success results email example